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About Us

Zhejiang KinTN Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of industrial automation and industrial information products and system solutions in China. With its extraordinary product innovation ability, the company provides efficient services to thousands of customers around the world, and is committed to helping manufacturing enterprises improve product quality, production efficiency and future-oriented sustainable development competitiveness.

KinTN Intelligent Headquarters is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It has set up offices in Shenzhen, Xi'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Suzhou, Hefei, Tianjin, Qingdao, Changchun and other places to provide customers with more efficient and convenient services. In 2020, the company established an overseas business department to develop global business with a positive attitude.

KinTN Intelligent has a production and manufacturing base of more than 8000 square meters in Changle, Hangzhou. It is the largest and most capable production base in the domestic artificial intelligence assistance, mini stereoscopic warehouse and other subdivisions. Changle Base has built an efficient digital production collaborative management platform, with data-driven as the core, to accurately, rapidly and efficiently meet customer order delivery requirements.

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Hangzhou Headquarters of Zhejiang KinTN Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
Tel: 0571-85369355
Manual customer service: 4000-918-571
Address: Building 1-1, No. 1-1, Huayi Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Zhejiang Office
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Shanghai Office
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Nanjing Office
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Hefei Office
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Shenzhen Office
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If you want to start your career in industry, we hope to hear your voice,
KinTN's business is developing rapidly. We are looking for a motivated and intelligent candidate to join our team.
The ideal person is enthusiastic, curious and highly active.
Sales Manager
Embedded Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Hardware R&D Engineer
Foreign Trade Specialist
Mechanical Engineer
Platform Software Engineer
Mechanical Assembler
Graphic Designer
Project Manager
Structural Engineer
Production Line Quality Inspector
Sales Manager
Regional sales | Primary sales | Machinery sales
Post responsibilities

1. Responsible for the sales of industrial lamps, sensors, industrial tablets and other products;

2. Responsible for the sales of warehousing logistics equipment and non-standard automation projects;

3. Be responsible for the collection, tracking and sales of potential customer information;

4. Be responsible for market business development and complete sales tasks assigned by the company.

Job requirements

1. Work experience: automation and mechanical equipment industry is preferred, and excellent fresh students are also acceptable;

2. Education requirements: college degree or above;

3. Other requirements: be able to adapt to short-term business trips and bear certain work pressure.

Embedded Software Engineer
Post responsibilities

1. Undertake the overall project development tasks, including requirements confirmation, overall progress control, document output, and be responsible for the results;

2. Be responsible for project scheme design, embedded software and hardware design, debugging and testing, prototype verification, and writing software design and development documents;

3. Cooperate in solving practical problems in mass production and product maintenance and upgrading;

4. Participate in project demand review and risk assessment.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics, communication, automation, computer or related majors, with more than 3 years of relevant work experience;

2. Proficient in C/C++language, good programming style;

3. Familiar with CPU architecture, ARM architecture, and at least one common MCU such as 51, MSP430, STM8L, STM32;

4. Proficiently use Ethernet, serial port, I2C, spi and other communication interfaces for software and hardware development;

5. Proficient in using oscilloscope, multimeter, logic analyzer and other debugging instruments;

6. Experience in laser ranging system project development, laser scanning algorithm and motor drive development is preferr

7. Familiar with ucos, freertos, RTthread and other real-time operating systems is preferred;

8. Clear thinking, good communication, understanding and learning ability, and team spirit.

Software Engineer
Post responsibilities

1. Responsible for the development of project software;

2. Be responsible for sorting out customer needs;

3. Proficient in writing user manuals and software interface documents;

4. Solve various technical problems in the development process;

5. Provide pre-sales support for sales;

6. Able to accept short-term business trips.

Job requirements

1. More than one year's work experience;

2. Proficient in ASP.NET and C #. NET technologies, good code writing habits and rich coding experience;

3. Proficient in using WPF (or Winform);

4. Proficient in the relevant technologies of web project development (MVC, WebApi, WCF), and background management software development experience such as easyui or layui is preferred;

5. Be familiar with database design, SQLSERVER, MySQL and other databases, and have good SQL writing and optimization ability;

6. Be able to use Wince and HBuider for handheld development;

7. Have a sense of responsibility, self-motivated, teamwork spirit and good communication skills.

Hardware R&D Engineer
Post responsibilities

1. PCB design of new products;

2. Welding test verification of samples;

3. Assist engineers to complete product verification, data collation and production guidance.

Job requirements

1. College degree or above in mechanical and electrical, electronic and related majors;

2. Excellent freshman or more than one year of hardware product development experience;

3. Familiar with PCB schematic design and plate making design;

4、Good communication skills, high initiative, strong execution, and a sense of teamwork.

Foreign Trade Specialist
Post responsibilities

1. Participate in the marketing planning and promotion of the company's products;

2. Responsible for writing, editing and putting on the shelf of the product copy of Alibaba International Station;

3. Collect customer information through overseas social media, email and other relevant channels to communicate with customers;

4. Be responsible for the letter sorting and exhibition planning of overseas exhibitions.

Job requirements

1. More than 1-2 years of market operation experience, excellent can be relaxed, strong subjective initiative;

2. Simple English communication;

3. Positive attitude and strong sense of responsibility.

Mechanical Engineer
Post responsibilities

1. Provide mechanical solutions for integrated projects, cooperate with sales and participate in technical communication of customer projects; ;

2. Be responsible for the mechanical design and equipment selection of the project, and cooperate with the procurement to establish the supplier system;

3. Responsible for the application output of the design, including 2D drawings, air circuit, hydraulic drawings, etc;

4. Participate in project implementation.

Job requirements

1. Be able to skillfully use SOLIDWORK, CAD, OFFICE, PPT and other office software;

2. 1 year working experience in mechanical industry, with non-standard automatic production line design experience is preferred;

3. Good professional ethics, strong sense of responsibility and execution, good communication ability and problem-solving ability.

Platform Software Engineer
Post responsibilities

1. Responsible for the development of ERP;

2. Commissioning and maintenance of ERP.

Job requirements

1. More than 1-3 years of B/S development experience, college degree or above, major in computer science;

2. Have software engineering ideas, clear thinking, standard code, and good ability to analyze and solve problems;

3. Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and can use HTML+CSS to make static pages;

4. Proficient in applying ASP.NET MVC development framework;

5. Proficient in using more than one relational database (MSSQL, MySQL, etc.);

6. Proficient in using EasyUI and Layui front-end frameworks;

7. Good communication ability, learning ability, teamwork spirit and sense of responsibility.

Mechanical Assembler
Post responsibilities

1. Be responsible for the processing and assembly of mechanical equipment;

2. Carry out standardized operation according to process requirements.

Job requirements

1. Familiar with electronic components;

2. Work hard, love and dedication, and have relevant assembly experience is preferred;

3、A willing scholar without working experience is also acceptable.

Graphic Designer
Post responsibilities

1. According to the brand positioning of our industrial products, we are responsible for the external visual communication of the overall style, such as the layout of product brochures, product-related posters, and video production;

2. Responsible for the company's graphic design;

3. Other design support related work.

Job requirements

1. Have excellent aesthetic taste, solid artistic skills, and strong understanding and grasp of the texture and color of the picture;

2. Proficient in various graphic designs (Photoshop, AI, CorelDraw, Premiere, etc.), with strong creative planning ability; Experience in industrial wind design products is preferred;

3. Photographers are preferred;

4. Bachelor degree or above, major in design.

Project Manager
Post responsibilities

1. Be responsible for the on-site installation and implementation of the intelligent warehousing project;

2. Be responsible for system stock, procurement, delivery and other matters; And guide the installation unit to install on site;

3. Be able to analyze and handle the faults in the field equipment application and make technical improvements.

Job requirements

1. More than 3 years of equipment commissioning experience is preferred; Electrical, automation, electromechanical integration related majors;

2. Strong communication skills, proactive and strong organizational skills;

3. Have a strong sense of time and responsibility (proficient in CAD is better);

4. Able to travel.

Structural Engineer
Post responsibilities

1. Responsible for product structure design (3D, 2D), taking into account appearance, production process, material and structure, etc;

2. Follow up the outsourcing mold opening progress and assist in solving production technical problems;

3. Formulate acceptance standards for hardware and plastic parts, output parameters to the quality department for effective acceptance.

4. Consider the industrial design part and structure part of the existing products, and continue to improve them.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in design and manufacturing, mechanical and electrical, mold and other related majo

2. Industrial design, structural design, mold design, more than 1 year of relevant work experience, excellent fresh students are also acceptable.

3. Be familiar with structural design and analysis, and understand machining process;

4. Proficient in operating PRO-E, SolidWord, AutoCAD and other design software;

5. Be familiar with the characteristics of various common plastic and hardware materials, and be able to flexibly use and design;

6. Good communication skills and teamwork awareness.

Note: The company's products are mainly industrial flat panel, controller, indicator light, grating and gateway, and relevant product structure designers are preferred.

Production Line Quality Inspector
Post responsibilities

1. Responsible for quality inspection of raw materials, outsourced semi-finished products and finished products before warehousing;

2. Patrol inspection and supervision of production site and production process quality;

3. Make quality inspection records and report to the superior in time any nonconforming products found during the inspection.

Job requirements

1. Junior high school and above;

2. At least 1 year quality experience in electronics, injection molding and machining industry;

3. Proficiency in commonly used office software;

4. Strong execution, principled, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination ability;

5. Pay five insurances and one fund for single and double holidays.